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About Us
ConquerCancer is a free Internet based web portal that connects cancer patients, friends and family members as well as the medical community to a virtual medical site. At ConquerCancer, we start each day with a positive quote to inspire and uplift the spirit of our members. On a day to day basis we will conduct online chats specific to current cancer treatments and events. Furthermore, we will allow our members to post encouraging stories about their own experiences with cancer.

ConquerCancer should be the one stop for all cancer specific needs. We will provide an online library of information as well as products specific to cancer patient needs. In addition, we will post the latest cancer events in your home area. This will give small organizations the ability to capture a large audience inexpensively.

Physicians can also benefit from joining ConquerCancer by giving online discussions to our members about cancer treatments. When a physician becomes a member he will have access to private chats for doctors only. In addition the physician will get an email address where his patients can send him private messages.

Who We Are
ConquerCancer.Com was founded by a team of devoted individuals to the welfare of the cancer community. ConquerCancer.Com held its very first board meeting in the basement of a medical treatment center in Northern NJ. The purpose of the meeting was to design a web site where patients could go to access information or talk to other people suffering from cancer. During the initial phases of discussion, Jerry Bello Jr. emerged as President of the company and Jason Cohen was named Treasurer. Both Jason and Jerry have had numerous years of experience dealing with the healthcare industry.

On November 2, 1999, in a quest to build and design the concept, ConquerCancer brought on 2 new distinct partners. Steve Capuano, who has an extensive programming and web-based design. Michael Culnen, who has a long list of successful businesses.

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