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Conquer Cancer Success Stories

Drug Information - #1
I would like to provide some information to answer some questions about medications used for cancer patients.
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Fran Manelis, RN
As a registered nurse for 35 years and a breast cancer survivor, I thought I might be able to share some thoughts with you. I was diagnosed 12 years ago just before Thanksgiving.
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A Friend
I have taken care of more than my share of patients with a diagnosis of cancer, but when a friend that I had worked with previously had been diagnosed it really hit home.
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A Nurses Story
Cancer, just the name evokes fear, for we have all known a family member or friend who has had to face this fight.
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Winnie Tarakajian
My name is Winnie Tarakajian, and I am a breast and ovarian cancer survivor (so far).
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How Cancer Affects a Family
Families always have their ups and downs, but nothing tests its strength more than a sickness.
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The Wellness Center
Every day on my way to work I would pass this stately white and brick building in a neat, yet somewhat older suburban town in Northern New Jersey.
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