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Dealing With Fatigue

Fatigue is a common problem of everyone these days. Between crazy schedules of working long hours and commitments to many activities, adults and children alike are showing signs of stress and fatigue. The cancer patient in particular is prone to fatigue due to many reasons. The mental and physical stress of the disease alone can cause depression and depending on the nature of the cancer, swelling of tissues and organs. Also, the effects of the treatments used to combat the disease; chemotherapy and radiation therapy will cause you to feel more tired than usual.

Coping and managing fatigue will help you get through your treatment and help you feel more in control.
Realize that fatigue with chemotherapy and radiation therapy is expected.
Pay attention and learn to balance your energy. Think of it as a bank account to which you must make deposits and withdrawals and plan accordingly on a daily and weekly basis.
Rest when tired, but don't lie down and give up. Too much rest as well as too much activity will contribute to increased fatigue.
Pace your daily activities according to your energy levels. It is not unusual to have increased fatigue in the early morning or evening. Learn what YOUR BODY needs and pace your daily activities around your energy level.
Avoid physical and mental stress.
Food will help energy levels. Try to eat small nutritious snacks and foods throughout the day.

Most of all set priorities and save your energy for those things you enjoy. Housework will always be there and can be a thankless job. Avoid negative people, they are the last thing you need right now, even though they may mean well. The things you thought important before your diagnosis need to be rethought. Try taking a walk in the park or around the neighborhood, it will do a lot to combat fatigue and you just might find a new perspective in the beauty of nature.

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