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As a registered nurse for 35 years and a breast cancer survivor, I thought I might be able to share some thoughts with you.

I was diagnosed 12 years ago just before Thanksgiving. I had 2 young children and thought my world was coming to an end. I opted to have a modified radical mastectomy. The surgery was not as bad as I expected, but was shocked to learn I had 6 positive nodes and would need chemo. After one year of 2 different cycles and much support from my husband I realized I could live with this disease. There is nothing we can do to change this diagnosis, but I realized the idea is to live your life to the fullest one day at a time. My spirits are up and I now look at life as a precious gift. My children are now adults and I have been disease free. Medical treatment has helped us all to live longer, some of us disease free for many years. Never give up your hopes and dreams, I never did.

If I can be of any support to anyone please feel free to contact me at this web site.

Fran Manelis, RN

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