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I have taken care of more than my share of patients with a diagnosis of cancer, but when a friend that I had worked with previously had been diagnosed it really hit home.

Mary (not her real name) had been feeling fatigued lately but attributed it to the demands of having 3 boys ages 4, 10 and 13 and working 32 hours a week in a busy ICU. She finally made time and went to see her Doctor for a physical. She became worrisome when her physician said that he wanted to schedule her for a Bronchoscope because he saw something in her chest X-ray. Mary's world changed a week later when she was diagnosed with Lung Cancer.

Her first concern was her children. What would happen to them, she had been a nurse long enough to know that the survival rate for lung cancer was not very optimistic. She immediately was started on a regimen of radiation and chemotherapy treatments. Mary's family and friends rallied around her and helped her with her boys by shuttling them to and from baseball practice, day care etc. Like all cancer patients, Mary couldn't believe that this was happening to her. Although she had a history of smoking, she quit 4 years ago this just wasn't fair. Keeping her boys as a focal point in her mind, she continued her treatments despite feeling sicker and sicker as they progressed. Two years later, Mary remains in remission. Although there is the possibility of her cancer returning, she keeps an optimistic outlook and enjoys her life with her boys.

Knowing Mary has changed my attitude at the way I look at life. Whenever I start feeling stressed with every day problems, I think of how Mary looked death in the face and persevered.

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